• Business Orchestra™

    Bring your talents into the light!

  • 20 years of Business Orchestra™

  • In 2020, Business Orchestra will celebrate its 20 years!

    19 years of interactive musical shows, conferences & educational workshops...

    That means (figures at december 2018) :

    29 860 participants...

    ... turned into singers, percussionists

    • 4011 sessions of Business Orchestra designed, personalized, prepared and run for groups from 5 to 2000 people, in big compagnies, institutions, organisations, events agencies, consulting firms...
    • 10 290 hours of preparation, rehearsal, installation and animation with the musicians of Business Orchestra.
    • 98 famous songs (pop, folk, rock, jazz, funk, reggae...) rearranged, rewritten, sung, played and 25 original creations.

    21 820 meters of wires...

    ... plugged into 391 sound systems.

    • 1 506 loudspeakers, subwoofers and wedges.
    • 1 932microphones settled on their stand or on instruments.
    • 1 528 instruments installed (drums, guitars, percussions, keyboards) on these 364 stages.
    • 8 495 slides (around) projected on screens to show instructions, messages, lyrics so the participants can achieve the musical project.
    • 33 472 hand percussions, percussions from the 5 continents, rhythmic sticks, ethnic drums, metal barrels, bass drums... given to the participants, bought by our clients or lent by our team.
  • Vocation of Business Orchestra

    Training programs, seminars, conventions, events... are precious moments of communication. They are part of the organisations' tempo.

    They represent exceptional opportunities to mobilize the energies, rally team members around common goals and important issues, to create team spirit and...compose new scores!

    Are you are looking for an innovative idea, something that can give a kick to your projects and bring a new beat to your events and to your teams?

    We orchestrate your events

    Business Orchestra™ is an interactive musical animation which can be part of your special events… A highly entertaining experience that brings a strong sense of team as a unity.

    Participants become musicians creating and playing their own custom designed concert. They are taken along on an artistic voyage.

    One that mirrors their possibilities and potential.


    Since 2000, Business Orchestra™ orchestrates companies' events to mobilize, to strengthen team spirit, to acknowledge individual and group capacities, to communicate, and to encourage striving towards a goal as a team…

    Business Orchestra™ is a great opportunity for uniting talents to achieve together and experiencing the parallels between successfully performing as an orchestra and great teamwork.

    Business Orchestra™ adapts to:

    Your training programs and seminars

    for a workshop or an entertaining evening activity, company members participating in the orchestra prepare one or more well known pieces from a Pop Rock repertory for their own concert performance.


    Your conventions and special events

    Metal drums, company members drumming on stage, lighting, staging, entire concert or convention halls being lead in playing various percussion instruments or forming a choir to perform a Pop Rock hit or an original piece created for your event.


    From 1 hour for up to a one day training... for a group of 10 or of several hundreds, even thousands of participants, our musical trainers communicate your message and lead company members in breaking through the sound barrier!

  • Business Orchestra's concept

    Business Orchestra (B.O. to his friends) is a playful, interactive & educational animation, personalized depending on the context and objectives of the client, using music to reveal cooperation and human relations mechanisms in team working.



    Business Orchestra: a playful educational animation.

    By extension name given to the group of musicians leading the service.

    Created by Patrick Moreau, Consultant Coach Trainer in human relations since 1986.
    First steps in 2000 with the complicity of Dominique Naninck, professor of drums and percussions, conductor.
    Raised and educated by his team of trainers musicians known for their artistic and educational career.



    Transform employees of a company into musicians, during a workshop, a kick off, a convention or seminar. 

    They carry out an educational and artistic journey whose purpose is to achieve together a concert Pop Rock.


    Led by professional musicians and music teachers, Business Orchestra is, historically, the first and still unique concept mixing up a musical project with human ressources personalized messages.


    • Create synergy and experience succeeding together
    • Motivate and surprise by ‘stepping off the beaten path’
    • Develop an inter-cultural identity

    • Bring in a unifying and emotional dimension

    • Illustrate essential keys for management in orchestra mode


    • Cohesion
    • Cooperation
    • Community
    • Values / Vision
    • Leadership / Management
    • Relationship / Communication
    • Transversality
    • Projects 
    • Merging expertises
    • Talents
    • Time & rhythm
    • multiculturalism
    • Change
    • ...


  • Business Orchestra's 4 assets

    Business Orchestra is a entertaining expérience using active educational methods to support human messages and to develop awareness of cooperation, talents raising, self confidence, new ways of thinking and acting...


    We adapt each animation to your issues, context, goals.


    We "tune" with you the specifications in order to build a unique show where participants learn to form a Band and play together famous pieces of the Pop Rock story.



    We share knowledge, know how and behaviors through music experience.


    Each animation can include your specific values...integrated in the show through songs, messages or educational sequences.



    Learning by playing is the key!

    Don't we "play" music? 

    Universal langage, music is one of the most ancient art. 


    Direct, energetic and vibratory modes of expression, percussions and voice are the most spontaneous forms and most easily contagious.

    They offer a very rich playground.




    We help creating cohesion and strengthening the links between the people.
    Using a very dynamic methodology, Business Orchestra involves the participants in an artistic journey and makes them create their own original and powerful collective experience.


  • Variations

    Business Orchestra™ proposes 3 variations depending the specifications and the architecture of the event

    Workshops and training programs


    Context : Training, Seminar
    Number of participants : 10 to 50
    Duration : 1 hour 1/2 up to 2 days
    Formulas :

    • Studio Company (2 > 3h) : create cohesion, unify community...
    • Tempo (1h30 > 3h) : manage your time and rhythms.
    • Circle song (2 > 3h) : develop your creativity, your talents...
    • Team orchestra (1 day) : work together cooperate, manage a project...
    • Manage as a conductor (1 day) : assert your leadership, manage your team orchestra.
    • Delight (1 > 2 days) : develop enthusiasm et positive energy through music...



    Contexte : Seminar, Convention, Kick Off, Event
    Number of participants : 50 to ∞
    Duration : 1h up to 2h
    Formulas :

    • Business Orchestra Classic (1 > 2h) : empower a vision, create cohesion, build a community, integrate newcomers...

    • WorldMix / Bootleg (1 > 2h) : open to multiculturalism and diversity, accompany a merge.

    • Choir (2h) : integrate newcomers, create a community, reveal talents, develop creativity.



    Contexte : Convention, Seminar, Congress
    Number of participants : 50 to ∞
    Duration : 1h30 up to 2h

    Formulas :

    • Delight : develop enthusiasm et positive energy through music...(opening conférence of the Delight seminar).
    • As an orchestra : cooperate, manage..
    • Artist of your life : understand the importance of self leadership, acknowledge your talents, use artistic tools and ways of thinking to lead your projects...

    Common parameters of the 3 variations


    Scenario : we adapt the program according to the issues, context, types of participants, place, moment of the day and style of event...
    Musical content : Pop, Rock, Jazz, Folk, Funk, World standards.
    Percussions used by participants :

    - small percussions : egg shakers, maracas, guiros, sistra, claves, tambourins, rhythmic sticks and other world percussions.

    Also : products, « found instruments » or everyday objects from your business field which can be used for music-making
    - for big animations : metal barrels, bas drums, world drums, whistling pipes,...

  • Team

    Musicians of Business Orchestra™ come from the artistic and educational stage

    Patrick Moreau, as Pat Moro


    Creator of Business Orchestra™.

    Musician Trainer.


    Human Resources training consultant for 30 years.


    Specialized in interactive and analogical training methods to promote human synergy in the workplace.

    Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter.



    Dominique Naninck


    Musician Trainer.


    Teaching percussion and drums for 30 years, Music conductor, music arranger, member of the Trio Panama and of Ken Cargo, formerly Assistant Music Director of the Show Development team at Disneyland Paris, Director of the Disney “Millenium Show”.


    Pierre Perez Vergara

    Composer, arranger



    Professional guitarist, teacher, composer and musical arranger (25 personal musical illustration albums, movie soundtracks). Extensive experience in various musical fields, from jazz to rock to pop. Formerly, singer/guitarist with the group PSY.


    Gilles Bioteau

    Bass guitarist



    Music and bass guitar teacher since 1988,

    He has begun with musicians from Magma, Tri Yann, Indochine.

    He has played since with Yves Duteil, Kent, Enzo, Mano Solo, Dick Rivers, Jeane Manson, Greg Szlap (from Johnny Halliday's band), Norbert Krieff (Trust)…


    Igor Brover

    Piano, keyboards



    from Hot club de France, to l’IACP and CIM, Igor has a large style expérience: Latino, Jazz, Jazz-rock prog.

    He's been playing for Tribute Earth, Wind & Fire, Tribute Beatles, Pau Brazil & Bobino, New Morning…

    Manu Riquier

    Drums, percussions



    Drummer of Mano Solo, Sanseverino, Nouvelle Vague, Peter Kingsbery, Emma Shapplin…

    and many TV shows: Fa Si La Chanter (France 3), Tapis rouge (France 2), Ensemble contre le Sida (TF1 / France2)


    Laurent Locuratolo




    TV and stage drummer: Laam, Bonnie Tyler, Garou, Carole Fredericks, Francis Lalanne, Martin Solveig...

    TV shows: Star Academy, Incroyable talent…

    and many of other artists:


    Véronique Perrault

    Jane gasman

    Louis Perez

    François Combarieu

    Vincent Guibert


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  • Get in Touch

    Business Orchestra™ is a provided by Quaema et Factory 4u

    Training programs - Seminars - Educational and artistic animations
    Quaema:    Le Surena - Face au 5, Quai Marcel Dassault - 92150 Suresnes - FRANCE

    Contact: Patrick Moreau  +33 (0) 6 30 71 95 03

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    Patrick Moreau

    Pierre Louis Douère

    Jean François Labat

    M6 Events

    Pascal Ken


    ELO - Equipenscène - Market Place

    Imagine Events - Willcom

    Executive Events - Aventure 28

    Montage : Jean Pierre Huguet

    Business Orchestra's music equipment :
    SCV Audio / Freevox

    Style Guitare


    Percussions for participants :

    Editions Lugdivine 

    Play-back, arrangements  :
    Stéphane Planchon & Pierre Perez Vergara

    Studio Gratte ciel, Paris.

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